India’s rail network is the fourth-largest rail network. It is the most heavily used transport system in the world, transporting eight billion passengers and over 970 million tonnes of freight annually, as of 2015.

Rail tickets can be booked on Indian Railways official booking website

Road travel can be booked via various state road transport portals online or aggregators like Redbus

Air tickets can be booked with many travel aggregators like ClearTrip, Yatra, MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo and more.

Local Travel

At least 70 million commuters throng the public transport system in India in just one day. India offers one of the cheapest public transport systems in Asia and the world. India’s public transport includes auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, e-rickshaws, buses, taxis, trams, and local/metro trains, in almost all metropolitan cities in India. Carts, carriages, auto-rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, and buses are more popular as one starts traveling farther from the cityscapes.


The cheapest and the most sought-after public transport by students in India are the rickshaws. Auto rickshaws are similar to Asian tuk-tuks and are found in India’s villages, towns, and cities. Autos, short for auto rickshaws, are so favored by Indians that Uber and Ola, leading transportation companies in India, have included these three-wheelers in their interfaces. While autos come at a reasonable price to cover significant distances, we suggest you take the cycle rickshaw, which manually pulled on a tricycle for a shorter ride. Rides on a cycle rickshaw are half the cost of an auto-rickshaw. But if you are looking for a quick ride to the nearest metro or bus station, you have got to opt for e-rickshaws, which are shared electric rickshaws found in plenty near bus and metro or local stations.

If you are looking to save up on conveyance, rickshaws are the way to go!


Another public transport that is very accessible within cities and across villages, towns, and cities is buses. To commute on the local RTC buses, be sure to take a bus pass, which can be secured by providing a copy of your student ID card. You can travel anywhere around the city or town with just this pass! For intercity bus travel, have a look at the Domestic Travel section. While these longers may seem long, they are quite fun with friends.


If you’re in a rush or are getting late to a class, taxis are just a few minutes away. You’ll find black cabs in India which do not require a booking. Uber and Ola also offer bike, auto, and cab taxis, for intracity, intercity, and rental travel. This mode of public transport is relatively more expensive than rickshaws, buses, and local trains.


If you need to escape the annoying, heavy traffic of the metropolitan rush, or enjoy a good book, a playlist, or a podcast, then the metro train is your pick! Most urban cities have an extensive local or metro train network, connecting the entire city. While you can travel with just a ticket, we strongly recommend that if you’re in a city with metro rail services, it’s best to take a MetroCard for ease of travel.